The Heritage of Jellyfish Cell Biology


The first life forms had the oceans for a cradle.

Jellyfish appeared on the earth about 600 million years ago, round about the Precambrain period, long before the appearance of man.

These primitive jellyfish have one of the most important protiens nature has : Collagen.

In effect  jellyfish collagen used in Efficience treatments are scientifically recognized as being similar to young human dermal collagen, thus most nearest to man than any other collagen,filling wrinkles by cell regeneration.

Marine Plankton,meanwhile packed with micronutrients,and Trace element, is also rich with antioxydants, omega3, omega6 and amino acids.







The research


EFICIENCE Laboratory is the first to develop a combination of two active ingredients,which are virtually identical to the nutrients that receives daily youthful skin.

The combined action of this concept very close to the original skin nutrients, demonstrates incredible efficiency in the fight against ageing.

Its particularity is to intensify the synthesis collagen on the skin,deeply nourished by nutrients already known.The skin finds its radiance youth,it feels firmer,more voluptuous and smoother.This prodigious formula will become the basis of all ''EFICIENCE'' care treatments. Directly from the sea,our products are natural.


Official test certified by a specialized clinic


Test using grapic charts were carried out in a laboratory using very precise equipement on volunteers
having applied the ''Intensif Lifting'' serum for 20 days :

Before applying : (to) shows a very wrinkled skin due to dryness and lack of nutrition.

On the 10th day,the intake of collagen and plankton, packed with micronutrients, trace elements,
antioxidants, omega 3, omega 6 and amino acid, the skin begins already to look smoother, and deep
wrinkles have incresed in density.

On the 20th day, cell regeneration has started and already the skin is plumper (thickness of the skin is indicated on the left by a red circle. The deep winkle is greatly diminished.
The rejuvenation is underway. A regular small dose of collagen morning and everning and wrinkles
will be no longer a worry for you. (See photo's of the founder of  EFICIENCE)