Discover Eficience Saint Barth

Regain your youthfulness without surgery thanks to innovative technology.


The brand

Our brand benefits from French expertise in research and development in cosmetology to create produits of excellent quality that combine thousand year old virtues of marine resourses and the lastest innovations in biotechnology.


In the quest for eternal youth EFICIENCE has discovered a secret, and filled a patent to share her prodigious efficiency with its customers though the products they created. These extraordinary results from this project are at the origin of the creation EFICIENCE.
A patent was filled in view of the effectiveness of our products


The quality

To ensure the freshness of its products,and to restore optimally the properties of marine elements, EFICIENCE makes only a limited production of its products.

To avoid storage over long periods and, therefore keep the efficency and freshness of natural active ingredients that compose them.


Code of ethics

 Eager to repect the values that made the companys reputation,and to guarantee the quality of its product, EFICIENCE follows a morality code and commits to this code. Only useing natural additives and complying with stricked quality standards in the production of our cosmetics. Our wish is to share a relationship of trust within our clientele.


Environmental commitment

EFICIENCE, has a wish, that is to protect the well balance of marine life and therefore has decided to promote sustainable development though artisanal fishing and maine elements that constitute its

The brand makes a point to honor and respect the well balance of  the marine Eco-systeme, and respect the marine food chain.

Scientific studies have shown an increased in the Jellyfish population due to the disappearance of predators,and global warming. Jellyfish have desertified the sea by nourishing itself on fish eggs and small fry.