Find the freshness and flexibility of your youth, apply to the face, the new Jellyfish collogen*, which
is already used in medicine for its remarkable regeneration on 3rd degree burns.

*Jellyfish collgen is recognized by scientists as being similar to that of young humain collagen,with deep active cell regeneration.

Intensive Lifting Serum 

A major discovery based on collagen protein and plankton marine extracts, rich in nutrients.

An effective collagen identical to that of your skin

Which ensures penetration into the heart of the epidermis for a maximum anti-aging .

An immediate visible lifting effect.

A feeling of skin firming-up.

100% natural concertration of youthfulnes.



A Founder looking for the absolute efficiency


Finding no lasting solution without pain for the irremediable aging of her skin, like many of us Michelle Courrége began looking for a solution that is both natural, visible and effective.


In 2008 she gave the challenge to a proffeseur who specialized in marine biology,to investigate into the many aspects of marine ressource, and to put together and develope a solution against anti-aging, which is innovative, and would help her recover her youthfulness,giving elasticity ,tone and radiance to her skin. Following these extraordinary results, Michelle Courrége created EFICIENCE (Photo aged 72) The following photo on the next page,she is 73 and is still getting younger...



Legacy of cell biology ... in the depths of the oceans


Life was formed in the oceans,we have inherited a cell biology of the same origin,therefore,we
are not astonished that scientists assure us that the collagen from Jellyfish is similar to that of
young human demal collagen and thus the most closest to man.

Used in medicine :

This collagen is used for eye surgery and reconstruction of large skin burned.


In cosmetics :

This similarity to collagen brings a masterful answer to skin aging and the loss of firmness as from forty.
Thanks to a targeted action of an ideal and appropriate nutrition,the acceleration vector that allows reprogamming and stimulating cell regeneration by collagen similar to that of human skin, essential to firmness, ensuring a smooth, perfectly re-designed contours with a clear and radiant complexion.

Our cosmetic brand EFICIENCE St.Barth use this collagen for its efficacy, among other, fresh collagen extracted, 86% of the collagen is enriched with plankton and Royal Jelly.

An Amazing Similarity

It is scientifically proven,that the collagen structure of the human dermis is almost identical to that of certain species of Jellyfish. It therefore has a particularly nourishing, restructuring and firming ability which gives a remarkable lifting effect..