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Publisher : Le site  is produced and edited by the company M.S.G Distribution, A Public company with a capital of 1000.euro's,registered in the commercial
register of Basse Terre located in Guadeloupe under the number
TMC 788 782 126, whose registered  head office is  located : B.P. 189 - 97133 Saint-Barthélemy
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Use of the website by any person regardles of the purpose of his, visit,as a visitier,or for consultation (user) or purchase (customer) of the company's products M.S.C. Distribution EFICIENCE is
governed by these general terms and conditions of the user also called hereafter (CGU).

The use of this website is subject to general conditions of sales.Before any use of the website,we recommend that you read attentivement.
Given the possible evolutions to the website The company M.S.G Distribution EFICIENCE :
reserves the right to modify at anytime its general conditions of use and/or sale.

It is up to the « Customer » to verify the existence of new clauses in the general conditions of use and/or sale,to each new connection.

The company's website M.S.G Distribution EFICIENCE is an E-Commerce website accessible
via internet.It allows the sale of cosmetic products to internet users,its also possible to brows though
the website.
The website is accessible at this address 

This website has all the elements therein (images, graphics, sound, text and contents) including software, data bases,and newsletters,and are the exclusive property of the company M.S.G Distribtion EFICIENCE,and are covered by copyright, and any recovery of information is on condition of company agreement,(article L.122-4 section of the code of Intellectual Property). The reproduction of the contents of this website onto paper or any electronic support whatsoever, is strictly prohibited,unless permission is given by those responsible for the publication of the site. .


PERSONAL DATA (Computer Laws and data protection - CNIL
The user's personal data is collected and stored by M.S.G.Distribution EFICIENCE  in the context of any orders,and have for a single goal , good managment of these orders,deliveries and invoices.
The company M.S.G.Distribution EFICIENCE is committed to preserving the confidentiality of the information transmitted.The company M.S.G.Distribution EFICIENCE reserve the same possibility of using information for commercial purposes the data transmitted by the user if he or her accepts when registering his personal data by ticking the acceptance of the following words : 'I wish to subcribe to your newsletter and your partners EFICIENCE'in which case,though the newsletter,the customer will recieve commercial offers as well as new innovations from M.S.G.Distribution EFICIENCE.

In the opposite case,the user is supposed to renounce.
The user has permission to modify,rectify,and delete data concering himself (art.34 of the law ''computer laws and data protection').
To excercise this right,the user can send a letter to the companyM.S/G.Distribution EFICIENCE
at the following address:
M.S.G Distribution EFICIENCE - B.P. 189 - 97133 Saint-Barthélemy
The company M.S.G.Distribution EFICIENCE was the subject of a declaration with the National Committee: CNIL Computer Laws and Data protection ,which issued a written receipt under the number ------ being written.

Its is specified that cookies could be in the users computer during the use of this website.
A cookie is only intended to record information about the navigation of the user,and allows a reconnection on this site easier and avoids completing certain previously requested items.
Your internet configuration allows you to refuse the recording of Cookies,for more information you can contact The National Committee of Computer Laws and Data Protection. CNIL.

he Hyperlinks on the website direct users to other sites,and do not engage the responsibility of
http:/ for the content,advertising,products,services or any other information
or data available on ,or from the site.
The creation of links to the website and more generally any use of
material from the site,is subjected to the prior express consent of the company M.S.G.Distribution
EFICIENCE which can be revoked at anytime at its own discretion.The company M.S.G.Distribution EFICIENCE reserves the right to request removal of any link to the site,which would not,or would not be authorized and to claim any damages and compensation for damages suffered as a result.
Photographs and illustrations accompanying the products on our website have no contractual value
and therefore does not engage the responsibility of the company M.S.G.Distribution EFICIENCE.

The company M.S.G.Distribution EFICIENCE Delays or interuption of the website due to maintenance ie:Technical failures,Force Majeure,or due to third parties or any circumstances whatsoever beyond its control,or
Inability to access the site momentarily,due to events beyond its control,such as the event of disruption of internet or failure of the customer's receipt of material to the internet network.
If the responsibility for the company M.S.G Distribution EFICIENCE should be retained as a result of non-performance or improper performance of its services,the total compensation could,by express
agreement,exceed an amount equal to the price of the product,and that of the cause of the damage.

The company M.S.G Distribution EFICIENCE,reserves the right to modify and up date the 'Terms
of use',and its general conditions of sale without notice.To be informed of possible changes,the company and M.S.G Distribution EFICIENCE advise users and customer's to read the conditions and terms regulary.
The use of the site will be subject to the Terms and Conditions in effect at the time of

In the event that any provision of these Terms and Conditions would be void because of a change in
legislation,regulation or a court decision ,this does not in any way affect the validity and repect for
other clauses of Terms and Conditions.

These Terms and Conditions are subject to French Laws.
Any dispute regarding the existence ,interpretation, performance or breach of contract between  the company M.S.G.Distribution EFICIENCE and the client,same in cases of mulitiple defendants,shall in absence of an amicable agreement have the exclusive jurisdiction of French courts.
This attribution of jurisdiction applies notwithstanding plurality of defendants or guarantee,same for urgent procedures or conservtoires summary proceedings or by request.